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  • Independent Contractor

  • Part-Time, Seasonal or Full-Time Position

  • No Costs, Quotas, Overhead or Required Hours Worked

  • Receive 3% Commissions on Closed Business within 48 Hours

  • Commissions Calculated on Gross Revenue not Net Revenue

  • Zero Tax Withholding

  • Earn an Extra Revenue Income Stream

  • Refer Construction and Real Estate Transactions

  • The Company Handles the Entire Project

  • We are Transparent, Honest and Invested in your Success

  • No Cap on Earning Potential

  • Super Easy Process to Start Immediately

To Start Working

  • Download and fill out Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) and W-9 (below)

  • Email us both documents and copy of your Driver's License to: <>

  • We'll execute the agreement and email you back

  • You can start the same day!  Welcome aboard!

We’re Hiring

Fill out the quick contact information below
for the Independent Contractor Agent position



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